Sunfire Theater Grand Processor TGP-401

People who have a lot of home theater peripherals and video rendering gadgets are going to love this Sunfire Theater Grand TGP-401 processor. The latest audio complement solution comes with a load of AV inputs which are totally configurable. With most home theater geeks turning to the need for multi-functional audio complement, this is one device that can surely adjust accordingly to a home theater user’s needs.

Apparently, the difference of having a separate amp to really get out the best audio from your viewing has become a trend among audiophiles. It certainly places you up a notch. There is more flexibility and a wider choice of matching up components when you can afford a separate AV preamp and amps.

And for the people who are looking for a reliable one outside the familiar brands in the market today, the Theater Grand TGP-401 should be something that can pull off some surprises. Add to the fact that this device seems to be catering to most passe and current home theater audio and video equipment makes it a logical choice.


  • SIRIUS Radio-ready
  • AM/FM tuners with RDS feedback
  • VIA!migo support for native iPod control via OSD
  • Two touchpad ports for Ole-2SF Film Interactive touchpads; feedback for SIRIUS and iPod functions
  • Automatic setup and room correction with supplied mike
  • Input volume matching
  • AV sync to delay audio to match video

The Sunfire Theater Grand Processor TGP-401 retails for $3,500.

(Source) AudioPhile Audition