SunBrite TV offers new outdoor LCD TV that stands up against the element

For those of you who do not live in cramped apartments and have a lovely patio that overlooks the garden to enjoy, then chances are pretty good you might want to consider investing some of your hard earned money on sprucing up the area with a spanking new TV – yup, we’re talking about the SunBrite TV brand that now offers a new 4630HD model, where this 46-inch full-HD 1080p all-weather outdoor LCD TV was specially designed with outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin and integrated speakers to withstand the elements. Of course, this isn’t the first of its kind, but at least it is an alternative to what we’ve covered so far.

Retailing for a pretty expensive $4,195, it is available immediately – although the high price point can be justified simply because it is capable of working just fine under harsh conditions where a standard, much more affordable LCD TV would have given up the electronic ghost a long time ago.

Meant to be a cost-effective outdoor TV solution, this model will incorporate SunBriteTV’s signature all-weather feature-set, where it will rely on the aforementioned outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior in order to protect the internal TV components from rain, dirt, insects and other outdoor elements. On the outside lies an anti-reflective, impact- and scratch-resistant window which delivers protection to the 46″ full-HD 1080p LCD display with 4000:1 contrast ratio, while its integrated 20-watt speakers and user-friendly operating controls are more or less protected against rain and moisture.

With an internal climate control, you can be sure that the filtered multi-fan airflow system will keep things running cool and dandy inside even in temperatures of up to 122 degrees. There is also a thermostatic heater that will automatically protect the TV from damage in external temperatures to -24 degrees, while making sure the twin terrors of humidity and condensation will not wreak havoc.

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