sun-constellation-system.jpgSun Microsystems, Inc. unveiled its Sun(TM) Constellation System to meet the extreme computation, storage and scale requirements of HPC customers on November 12, 2007.

This recently launched system is world’s first open environment for petascale computing. It can effectively combines ultra-dense, storage and networking on to an effective and integrated general purpose system. The system is designed by Sun Microsystems to ensure massive data stores’ integrity and preservation with exhaustive and extensive metadata facilities in the long run.

It facilitates high performance storage, ultra dense compute nodes along with ultra dense infiniband switching. The latest constellation system is likely to assist the customers in solving high-end computational troubles. It can scale from small-to-medium departmental clusters to quite large supercomputer configurations.

This scalable HPC computing architecture is based on open and industry standard components. It comprises of Sun Blade(TM) 6048 Modular System, Sun Datacenter Switch 3456, new Sun Datacenter Express Services and high capacity data archive and high density storage benefit.

Via: Prweb Press