Study shows that TiVo isnt stopping the TV advertising industry

Duke University has recently done a study that shows some interesting things about TiVo.

You might think that commercials have gone the way of the dinosaur since DVR, but that isn’t the case! According to the study:

[First], 95 percent of people still watch TV live, meaning they couldn’t skip commercials with their DVR.

Second, don’t think of commercial-skipping as a DVR problem; people without DVRs skip commercials all the time by, say, going to the kitchen or WC, or by simply changing the channel.

People who watch DVR’d TV shows may fast-forward through commercials, but they’re still watching the screen while doing so. The redhead woman from those car insurance commercials is very hard to miss, even at 4X speed! Meaning, of course, that people are still seeing your commercials, commercials that you paid fat cash for!

Last, people with DVRs tend to watch more TV than people without DVRs.

So, commercials, good and bad, ain’t going nowhere. It’s kind of sad, really.