StretchPro Video Wall from SmartAVI

SmartAVI is a familiar name in the world of visual solutions. Its latest addition is aimed more on the business aspect of visual delivery, the StretchPro Display Wall Solution, providing a new model that intends to deliver high-definition DVI-D video and images at resolutions up to 1920×1200 over a 2×2 video wall/digital signage configuration using real-time scaling.

The hardware is capable of stretching an image over four display screens, each displaying one-fourth of the original image, while maintaining perfect resolution on each screen.

One of the key features of this unit is that StretcherPro can go well beyond its “default” capacity of a 2×2 video display control system. When used in concert with SmartAVI’s other video wall products, StretcherPro can go from a 2×2 video display solution all the way up to 128 screens

As an entry-level display wall solution, StretcherPro has been aggressively priced at $3,299.00.

(Source) Digital Signage Today