Streaming Video Goes A Bit Too Far

Parents in the audience–you know what a great day it was when your young son or daughter burst forth into the world, and how much you longed to tell everybody about it.  Fathers, you looked forward to back-slapping congratulations as you handed out the ceremonial cigars (or possibly the bubble gum variety if you’re being more healthful).  And mothers, you knew this was only the start of your greatest achievement, miracle and blessing as you helped mold a young life.

But it probably isn’t a good idea to send streaming video of the delivery to everyone you know.

A lady out in Minnesota decided to stream her birth live to three different sources, including a local television statement, following months of blogging about the incident.  The mother, herself a former teacher, decided to create the streaming video as an “educational moment”, and filmed herself delivering her baby and shot it out to the web.

You know, they talk about how you have to watch your web presence so that you can get jobs in the future…this might be a good example of that.  I know if I’m hiring in a tight economy, and my choices come down to the lady with the clean resume who doesn’t post much of anything online and the woman who gave birth on the internet…well…I think you can fill in the blanks.