Streaming Bigger Than Anyone Suspected

We’ve been keeping tabs on the various facets of the streaming war for some time now, folks, and the interesting thing here is that it’s actually much, MUCH bigger than anyone wanted to believe.

We’ve seen players come and players go and alliances get forged, but what we really haven’t had a look at yet is just HOW BIG this whole mess actually is.  In the month of December 2009, we recently discovered, over one billion videos were streamed EVERY DAY.

And I thought it was a big deal when YouTube could announce they were getting twenty hours of video added to the site every minute!  But no–the idea that a billion videos were streamed every day in December makes me realize that this is much, MUCH bigger.

Think about that for a second, folks.  A billion every day.  That works out to just under forty two million an hour, or even more preposterous, nearly twelve thousand every SECOND.

To suggest that the next format war will be fought anywhere but over the web now sounds like a pipe dream, folks…better invest in that sweet new computer soon, because it’s likely where you’ll be watching all your movies in the future.