Stewart Slimline CineCurve Projection Screen

I’ve been writing about enough sweet home theater setups to know that a major portion of them involve a Stewart filmscreen in one way or another, so I figured I’d take a look at some of these incredible screens.

Recently introduced was a new addition to the Stewart lineup, the Slimline CineCurve projection screen. Now, CineCurves are one of the better sellers, but the biggest problem with them is that they have a pretty large housing size.  Thus, it’s difficult to get them into a lot of places, or not without some sacrifice to image size.  The SlimLine, meanwhile, solves this problem by reducing the size of the housing and thus allowing smaller rooms to enjoy the benefits of a CineCurve.

They just got introduced at the CEDIA show last September, so we likely won’t be seeing these on the market for a while yet.  But you too can join the rest of us in breathless anticipation for one.