Steinway Lyngdorf C Music System


Steinway Lyngdorf, a company known for creating new standard in the global audio industry by introducing the Steinway 7 Sons Model D Music System, has recently announced the commercial launch of the Steinway & Sons Model C Music System. The new Model C Music System is actually an expansion of the Steinway Lyngdorf’s series of integrated and fully digital music systems.

"Internally, we recognized that our discerning customers, both individuals as well as commercial establishments, would appreciate a music system that would offer the same exceptional sound quality as the Model D Music System but would be ideal for more intimate listening spaces," said Peter Lyngdorf, founder of Steinway Lyngdorf.

The Model C Music System incorporates two floor-standing dipole speakers and twin boundary woofers that are paired with the iconic pedestal head unit. Featuring the 3-dimensional room adaptation technology, RoomPerfect, this new product from Steinway offers amazing sound quality.

Via: Press