Stealth Model AX3 Invisible Loudspeakers wins CEDIA Lifestyle Award


Recently, Stealth Acoustics, the world’s leading manufacturer of a fully invisible in-wall audio solution, was announced the winner of the CEDIA (Consumer Electronic Design and Installation Association) Manufacturer’s Excellence Award. It was the first time that Stealth Acoustics was honored with this prestigious award for its AX3 Invisible Loudspeakers.

CEDIA’s Electronic Lifestyles Awards Competition is considered as the most prestigious way of recognition in the custom electronics industry. This accreditation is awarded annually to the best new products and technologies that endeavor to enhance the business of installation professionals. Various manufacturers participate in this award ceremony and only the best out of them end up receiving this award.

The AX3 model Stealth Acoustic is a three-way and full-range loudspeaker system that comes incorporated with a high quality and high-powered 8” cone woofer, a single direct coupled high frequency emitter and two direct coupled midrange emitters configured in the patented Balanced Drive Midrange.

Installing Stealth Acoustics’ AX3 is a simple task, as for it you need only a sheetrock wallboard. You can yourself install it to the wall using the screws and wall framing. This is one such invisible speaker solution that doesn’t require any special brackets or vellums for installation.

Stealth Acoustics’ AX3 is easily available at a retail price of $1,500.00 USD Pair. With these loudspeakers, you also get a full 5-year product replacement warranty and also an optional 15-year in-wall replacement warranty that covers not only the replacement of the product, but also let you refurnish and repaint it as required without any extra charges.

Via: Press