StarGlas Projection Screen


Stewart Filmscreen, global leader in vision and artistry of magnificent structure, recently launched StarGlas Projection Screen. It can be used to display messages on glass tabletops or walls, storefront windows, glass flooring or staircase. Thanks to the company’s several years of lab trials and intensive research, the screen is made up of finest materials. Not only this, a result of vision and artistry delivers the unsurpassed and stunning image quality. The extremely durable glass is one of the safest one creating beautiful image contrast and fidelity.

Reducing the unwanted backscatter, the StarGlas increases the forward light transmission. It not only eliminates hot spotting, but also delivers white-field uniformity and fantastic color saturation. Qualifying as a safety glass, it is made up of genuine and high quality building material. Unique feature of the StarGlas is that it can be installed on the floor, not like other glass which has to be installed 1500m above the floor. Available in curved or flat design, the stain and abrasion resistant StarGlas is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor installation.

Via: CES