Star Treatment


Dressing Room Stars

Looking for a way to dress up your Home Theater room without spending a fortune? How about putting your own dressing room star on the door? For $30.99 you can put a customized mirrored star on the door to your theater room that tells it like it is: Star, Drama Queen, Director, Diva, Stage Manger, Writer, and more. Choose from dozens of titles or order the stars blank and engrave your own names on them.

The Stars are approximately 15 inches in diameter and are constructed of a sturdy acrylic mirrored material with a black acrylic backing. Great for decorating your home theater, lobby, dressing room, or office, the stars also make a great gift for a budding actor or actress. The stars are available at, an online retailer of home theater accessories and decorating items, and are currently marked down 38% from the suggested retail price.