Stanton DJ Tabletop CD player C.324

stanton-dj-tabletop-cd-player-c324.jpgStanton DJ recently unveiled its new slot loading tabletop CD player C.324 with LED for quick loading. Specifically designed for digital DJs, the CD player acts as an MP3 and CD audio playback system with onboard file browsing.

Jim Mazur, Director of Product Development for Stanton DJ said, “The C.324 expands on the functionality of our popular C.314, and is a great all-around player for every type of DJ. It offers new and exciting creative tools, such as the first real time sequencer in a DJ CD player, an automatic looper, and great ergonomics so that DJs can perform more exciting and creative mixes.”

While you can record trigger patterns in real time and loop them immediately, you can manually sequence the drum patterns. The tabletop CD player features a touch sensitive wheel jog. Change tempo of the song without changing original key with the help of Key lock.

Blue LCD display with visual marketing, BPM control and S/PDIF output makes it more versatile. Though Stanton has not yet disclosed the price, but it is surely worth the money you pay for.

Via: Press