SRS TheaterSound To Be Included With New Samsung LCDs And Plasma Sets

Perhaps soon Samsung LCDs and Plasma TVs will be featuring a new kind of surround sound, one that doesn’t required multiple speakers installed. SRS developed new technology for surround sound and calls it TheaterSound. Apparently, TheaterSound will offer better surround sound and resolve the annoyance of long commercials and inaudible dialogue through internal speakers built into the new HDTV sets.

Furthermore, this new surround sound is being made to resolve some common problems that consumers have with audio on a TV, such as inconsistent volume levels, unintelligible vocals and poor, dimension-less sound. Supposedly, TheaterSound is designed to automatically detect and level volume fluctuations during commercials and channel changing, intelligently separate vocals from other sound with dialogue adjustment and provide 5.1 surround sound experience from multichannel content for better depth and dimension.

Thus, this new kind of surround sound is intended to deliver a new and improved level of sound quality to give consumers a truly superior audio experience with HDTV sets. In time, we’ll see if TheaterSound really will make good on its promises about better surround sound when the new 2010 Samsung LED, Plasma HDTVs and Samsung LCD models come out on the market.