Spot kiosks have a new business model for renting

There is a Blockbuster video in my neighborhood that has signs all over it announcing that it has gone out of business. Clearly, it could not survive the shadow of Netflix and Redbox.

Now, there is something that could give Redbox a run for its money with Spot kiosks. You may notice that the lower price is there, and customers can rent two movies at one time for only $0.89 per disc for 24 hours.

Not only that, customers can rent up to five movies at once, even though new ones must start at two. Spot also claims that their kiosks can carry twice as many discs as Redbox with 1,400.

There is no news about whether or not Spot will be available for renting video games. Redbox still has that going for it with the two dollar rentals per night. Something tells me that Spot will probably try and get a leg up on that competition as well if it really works. So far, the prospects look good.