Speaker Conversion

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably have a couple of ancient, broken speakers sitting in your garage or attic just on the off chance that 1979 might come back again some day—maybe when quantum physics replaces that boring old Newtonian stuff. Give up on that now, and you can convert those old broken wood grain speakers into great DVD and CD storage cabinets with very little work.

All you really need is an afternoon, some basic tools, a few brackets and hinges, and the inclination, and in no time you’ve got something you can actually use in your Home Theater room, and even better, brag about to your friends and family. In fact, you know that aunt who always knits you a muffler each and every Christmas? Chances are you’ve got two of these bad boys stashed away, so convert them both and there’s one less 2009 Christmas present you have to worry about. While you’re at it, consider building your own speaker mounts too. It only takes about and hour and it will save you at least $20 over what you’ll spend to buy at an electronics store.