Southwest Airlines to sell iTunes content

The next time you fly Southwest Airlines , you might find something totally different when it comes to their in-flight entertainment system. It seems as though the airline has gone to great lengths to keep up with the times, and this time around they have rolled out a spanking new in-flight service which sells content from iTunes, at least that is what Variety says.

Calling it InAirtainment, the service will come in the form of a website, from where you are able to look for your favorite music, movies or TV shows which are already hosted on iTunes. According to Southwest, the airline will claim a small royalty from every download, and we do speculate that such a figure might reside in the region of 5% if the airline is enrolled in the normal iTunes Affiliate program.

In order to promote its InAirtainment service, Southwest will be offering a playlist of 20 free songs from acts “about to fly” in their careers. Apart from that, you may check out other deals that are available by booking trips through the airline’s website.