SoundSense NoiseOut Acoustic Speaker Back


Get rid of all the speaker noise problems with the new NoiseOut Acoustic Speaker Back solution launched by SoundSense. These high-performance enclosures will be exhibited by SoundSense in booth#453 at the CEDIA Expo 2008. Designed to maximize the performance of recessed speakers eliminating the noise problems, NoiseOut from SoundSense comes as a single unit.

“The new NoiseOut Acoustic Speaker Back is an essential product for every high-performance speaker installation where the quality of sound reproduction matters,” says Bonnie Schnitta, SoundSense LLC president. “This product solves adjacent environment noise problems while improving the sound quality of the speakers all at the same time.”

The NoiseOut Acoustic Speaker Backs are at present available in two standard sizes for ceiling and wall applications. However, you can also order for custom enclosures to fit your speaker size. These ready for speaker backs can be easily used in new construction as well as in retrofit applications.

Via: Press