Soundmatters MAINstage One-Box Set-top Home Theater System

Set up the stage for a key speaker addition that should finally deliver that cinematic sound you have been looking for. While many continue to replace their home theater setups, some forget to consider the speakers that they are using which can make a big difference in budget and of course quality.

Designed by legendary audio designer Dr. Godehard Guenther, the Soundmatters MAINstage One-Box “Set-top” home theater system creates a room-filling theater that should more than compensate for proper audio distribution. The improvements to home theater is quite common and while the home theater buffs continues to replace or upgrade their systems, perhaps one set top speaker can spell the difference!


  • Room-filling theater sound from one slim set-top box: Simple-to-use, great for anyone who craves high-fidelity sound;
  • Patented technology with built-in subwoofer: 80 watts of digital amplification and Zoran VMD surround algorithmns, with incredible bass
  • Ready for any digital audio source: Two digital plus two analog inputs for DVD, satellite/cable, games, and music
  • Free yourself from setup and wiring: Multi-channel audio in seconds with only two connections

Price: $259.00

(Source) Amazon