Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floorstanding loudspeakers

Beauty that lies in nature is simply incomparable and that is what is being portrayed by the Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floorstanding loudspeakers. These are not only loudspeakers but are in real sense an instance of excellence creativity and art. Anything that is made with knowledge, experience, wisdom and emotion deserves to be successful. This is the case with the Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floorstanding loudspeakers. The spherical speakers of this floorstanding loudspeaker are quite attractive and the sound produced by these is totally free of sound wave distortions.

Some features of these floorstading loudspeakers are:

  • Frequency response: 60 Hz .. 40 000 Hz (± 2.0 dB)
  • Low extended -3dB 55Hz -6dB 41 Hz
  • Materiel: High Class natural wood
  • Recommended amplifier: 10W to 150W
  • Effectiveness: 87dB
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ohm

Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floorstanding loudspeakers are created with unique wood processing methods which has resulted in an anti resonating sphere assembled of hundreds of small wooden elements. After a careful examination of each sphere and the realization of the fact that no cracks are left in it, these are made available for buyers. You will get no artificiality in it as these are environmentally clean product finished using only natural waxes.

There is no diffraction in the speakers as these do not have flat surfaces and the sound shadows are thus eliminated in it. Components of universally known companies like Scan-Speak, Jensen capacitor, WBT, NORDOST are only used in it. You will not at all have to be worry of its quality or sound delivery as these are out to you only after a testing of 100 hours of fine tuned operation.

So, friends you will be loosing something very valuable if you miss this opportunity of bringing home the Sound-e-Motion M10-20 BF floorstanding loudspeakers. With unique, pure and unadulterated panorama of sound; less crowing and small space efficient nature; these aesthetic floorstading loudspeakers has won everyone’s hearts.

Via: Sound-e-Motion