Sonys VAIO Y and Z Series Come With Share My Connection Option

Recently, it was reported that Sony’s new laptops, the VAIO Y and Z are featuring a new option similar to Mi-Fi. This new feature is called Share My Connection, which functions like a personal Wi-Fi hot spot. The feature allows devices such as smartphones, cameras and other laptops to connect to models within the VAIO Y and Z series through Wi-Fi.

Share My Connection provides a secure link and data privacy when it’s connected on the portable network. It’s intended for those who have the need or desire to use internet access while they’re traveling as an affordable means of web service. As for the Z series, it’s packing a 13.1 inch LED screen, optional Blu-ray player and it weighs three pounds. Meanwhile, the Y series has a 133.3 inch screen and it comes in five color options, which are purple violet, fuchsia pink, pear green, teal blue and black. Furthermore, the Y series is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults as a target audience and it’s set to be released before the coming school year.

Sony is offering these laptops through pre-order and at select retail stores. The Y series is available for $770 while the Z series, which is the higher quality version will be priced at $1950.