Sony’s New PC Headsets Double as a Headphone

Sony has unveiled two cool and stylish alternative to dull looking and frail headphones, the DR-350USB and DR-320DPV. These new ‘dual use’ headphones are sure to elevate your music listing and chatting experience with sparkling hi-fi audio. Integrated with 30mm driver, they are great add-on for your laptop or desktop. .Both the headphones feature a high quality omnidirectional microphone module. To reduce background noise, the headphones are supplied with voice tube routes speech right from mouth to mic. The DR-320DPV features a 2.5m cord, while the DR-350USB features a USB adaptor module with integral mute and volume controls. Another new super-light PC headset, DR-310DP is also available. Designed for maximum comfort, all three headphones feature adjustable head band and foam earpads.

The Sony DR-350USB, DR-320DPV and DR-310DP headphones are scheduled to be available from April 2010.