Sonys New HDTV Have Prices

A week ahead of Sony’s annual spring line show, which should unveil the future prices of its products, prices for the new HDTVs have been leaked.

We don’t have all the prices and arrival dates, but here’s what you will have to pay for a new Sony HDTV:

  • KDL-L4000 series (end of February), entry-level 720p:
    • 22-inch KDL-22L4000 ($499)
    • 26-inch KDL-26L4000 ($549)
    • 32-inch KDL-32L4000 ($599)
    • 37-inch KDL-37L4000 ($799)
  • KDL-S5100 series (late March), entry-level 1080p:
    • 32-inch KDL-32S5100 ($799)
    • 40-inch KDL-40S5100 ($999)
    • 46-inch KDL-46S5100 ($1299)
    • 52-inch KDL-52S5100 ($1799)
  • KDL-40V4100 series (no release date leaked):
    • 40-inch KDL-40V4100 ($1299)
    • 42-inch KDL-42V4100 ($1399)
    • 46-inch KDL-46V4100 ($1599)
    • 52-inch KDL-52V4100 ($1999)
  • KFL-V5100 series (late March), entry-level 120Hz:
    • 40-inch KDL-40V5100 ($1499)
    • 46-inch KDL-46V5100 ($1799)
    • 52-inch KDL-52V5100 ($2299)
  • KDL-W5100 series, 120Hz with Yahoo widgets; no pricing or release date leaked.
  • KDL-Z5100 series (early May), 240Hz with Yahoo Widgets; no pricing leaked.
  • KDL-XBR9 series, 240Hz (except 32-inch model, which is 120Hz) with Yahoo Widgets and different styling
    • 32-inch KDL-32XBR9 (late March, $1099)
    • 40-inch KDL-40XBR9 (late April, $2799)
    • 46-inch KDL-46XBR9 (late April, $3099)
    • 52-inch KDL-52XBR9 (late April, $3699)
  • KDL-VE5 series (early July), Eco-friendly; no pricing leaked.

We’re waiting for Sony to give us more details in about a week as we should expect other LCDs to be announced.

via HDGuru