Sony’s New BRAIVA Series Optimized for Networks

Sony is proud to debut its new Integrated Networked Television. The first of their kind BRAVIA LCD HDTV models with Internet applications called “widgets”, have been designed to deliver real-time information and streaming video capability. Enjoy services like sports, TV shows, music from Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube and others on the Sony’s new XBR9 and Z-series models featuring an Ethernet connection.

“Internet-based content is driving the evolution of home entertainment,” said RandyWaynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Products Division. “Our new networked BRAVIA models deliver streaming videos, access to digital files, and real-time information that transforms the television into a true multimedia hub.”

The new Sony XBR9 and Z-series television models are Digital Living Network Alliance compliant products providing an easy access to digital photos, music and video stores. These televisions deliver a full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution and feature a wide color gamut cold cathode fluorescent light for a brighter and broader color palette.

Via: Sony