Sony VPL-AW15KT Dyna clear screen

.Along with VPL-AW15 Sony is selling its VPL-AW15KT Dyna clear screen. It will also ship from June 20th. The expected price of the projection screen is 22 ten thousand Yen. The screen is designed to cut the light from top of the interior illumination to deliver efficient image quality with lesser reflection. The VPL-AW15KT features system: 80V type suitable (16: 9) Conveyance independent type screen, longest size (W/H/D), at the time of screen start-up 1,811?1,775?300mm, receipt case size (W/H/D) 1,811?110?128mm, screen size (W/H): 1,711?997mm, weight approximately 5.1kg, receipt case material Aluminum and maximum projection size 80V type.

Via: Sony