Sony VGP-D24WD1 LCD Monitor


Sony’s latest VGP-D24WD1 Monitor is available at an expected price of 129,000 Yen. This 24-inch LCD Monitor features a resolution of 1,920?1,200 dot (WUXGA), color number approximately 1,677 ten thousand colors, speed of response 6ms (intermediate color), contrast ratio 1,000:1, brightness 400cd/ square m, angle of visibility both top and bottom/left and right 178 degrees. The Monitor equips 3 systems of HDCP correspondence DVI-D?2 and the mini- D-Sub15 pin ?1. Sony VGP-D2WD1 loads a wide color gamut type of NTSC ratio, 92% does internal 10bit processing with each color.

Via: Impress