Sony VAIO TP Home Theater PC – Premium Model


Sony recently launched its VAIO TP25 Home Theater PC for technology buffs. Watch one program and record another through this PC featuring dual cable HDTV tuner, Blu-ray Disc and DVR capability. The 500GB hard drive equipped in the HTPC lets you store DVDs, 50 hours of HD programming, videos and what not. The powerful 2.10GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor enables you to enjoy viral video and HD programming. Enjoy your Sundays sitting on your couch with wireless keyboard and remote control based on 802.11 b/g. A computer with pre-installed Windows Vista Home Premium and Media Center attains the ultimate speed with hafnium-based processor chipset. Take pleasure in short keys with Mute, Mail, Internet and volume buttons. Price not yet disclosed but VAIO TP25 Home Theater PC will surely be worth the money.