Sony VAIO LN-Series AIO Entertainment PC


Sony has launched its new LN series AIO entertainment PC. The LN-series is an innovative and high-end fruition from the VAIO L-series. It is fully packed with outstanding features and ground-breaking technologies. It provides effective and higher HD entertainment experience. It supports a brighter screen along with multiple lamp technology.

The LN series AIO entertainment PC comes with integrated Blu-ray Disc drive. It sports a 20.1-inch widescreen along with higher resolution of 1680 x 1050. The latest PC features a “Zero Degree” stand, which enables the users to set the screen vertical for a better viewing angle to watch movies.

Additionally, the LN series AIO entertainment PC also supports an integrated digital/analogue TV tuner. It comes with HDMI inputs to connect the device to an HD set-top box or PLAYSTATION 3 with ease. It utilizes the power of Intel’s Core Duo Processor that ensures optimum presentation for brilliant photos and video editing.

Via: Sony