Sony Unveils Three DVD-Integrated Home Theater Systems

Recently, Sony unveiled its three DVD-Integrated Home Theater Systems. These new systems have been designed to enhance the high definition home theater experience for the users. The new models launched are DAV-HDX587WC, DAV-HDX589W and DAV-HDX285.

The new Sony DVD-Integrated Home Theater Systems feature sleek designs with easy step-by-step instructions for installation. The three models DAV-HDX285, DAV-HDX589W and DAV-HDX587WC models incorporate an iPod cradle to enable music and video to be played from a connected device via a Digital Media Port.

All the three models feature Sony’s S-AIR technology allowing wireless audio to be transmitted more effectively up to 164 feet. These use the latest DMPort Booster technology of Sony to enhance the sound quality. DAV-HDX285 model will be available this month at a price of $300, while the other two models, DAV-HDX587WC and DAV-HDX589W will be available soon at a price of $430 each.

Via: Sony