Sony two channel Speaker Systems

.Sony, a leading developer of electronic items recently extended its PC system family with the introduction of Five 2.0 PC speaker systems. Sony Europe’s IT Peripherals announced that coming year they will increase the hold of PC Speaker. The array of innovative exposition includes two mid-range desktop PC speakers model number SRS-Z510 and SRS-A212B, two desktop PC speakers named SRS-A201 and SRS-AX10s, SRS-M30 portable speaker system and the high-end SRS-ZP1000 Hi-fi PC speakers.

.The SRS-M30 features 39mm Neodymium driver for sound clarity and Two-way power supply battery and AC adaptor. This portable speaker system boasts of slim design with built-in slot to seize a pair of speakers into one unit for portability and cable storage.

Sony’s SRS-T10PC speaker system is very compact and traveler’s delight. The speaker system runs on USB bus power without requiring any AC or battery power.

.The entry-level speakers deliver enhanced Audio quality for PC/Laptop or portable audio users. The SRS-A201 comes in small casing. This 57mm white cone type unit delivers clear sound. Its brother SRS-AX10 is very unique and stylish in design. It houses 21mm Neodymium driver and built-in digital amplifier in unique floating speaker cabinet.

Among Mid-range speakers SRS-Z510 and SRS-A212B blend a beautiful design in performance and connectivity. Connect the speakers to PC/laptop or MP3 player and enjoy excellent sound quality.

.The SRS-ZP1000 are high-end speakers featuring 50W power output. They have a built-in 1 bit digital amplifier for clear sound. The latest product range also includes Sony 2.1, 5.1 and travel speakers.

Via: Sony