Sony Televisions To Come With Qriocity?

You may want to wait a while before buying a Sony television, folks.

I know, that’s something of a bald-faced way to open an article.  And advising prudence?  Not exactly the kind of thing you’d expect, is it?  Well, that’s okay, because what I’ve got is entirely too awesome to not talk about.

If you’re in the market for a new television, and you’ve read plenty of reviews of them right here, then you may have considered the Sony line.  You know, especially from here, that Sony is a bit of a mixed bag with some models being much better than others.  Here’s the part that relates to the opener, though–seems that, starting in February, some Sony models will come equipped with Qriocity (a portmanteau of Curiosity, get it?).

What’s Qriocity?  It’s Sony’s very own ON DEMAND MOVIE SERVICE.  Dig the word:

According to reports from CES, Sony is preparing to launch Qriocity as a top-level selection on the XMB menus on its network-capable high-definition televisions; users will be able to browse on-demand video options through a rich on-screen interface, and set up multiple PSN accounts on the same television to control access for different household members and children. The service will reportedly offer both standard definition content and some high-definition (720p) options as well; high-definition streaming will require a high-bandwidth home Internet connection.

I’m sorry, but that’s entirely too cool for words.  And if the standard definition stuff can be viewed over a slower high speed connection (like the 500 k some people deal with in the country) then Sony may have found a way to beat the streaming problem once and for all.

So if you’re planning to buy a television, maybe you want to wait for more information about Qriocity.