Sony SRSZX1 Speaker


Sony Europe recently announced the launch of SRSZX1 Speaker. This top notch 2.0 speaker offers rich sound reproduction. The SRSZX1 is perfect for multimedia savvies. Get an exceptional sound while playing games, or watching movies or even listening to the music. This stylish speaker delivers an output of 40W. For enhanced functionality the speakers come with a compact wireless remote controller and dual inputs. Users enjoy a rich sound from bass to treble. These high quality speakers are manufactures from aluminium.Agnes Lariguet, Product Manager for PC Accessories, Sony Europe’s IT Peripherals division comments, “Following the continuing trend of PCs being used as an all encompassing multimedia centre, Sony has developed an optimally designed speaker to match the consumers needs for gaming, audio editing, DVD and music playback applications. The SRSZX1 produces sound which is richer and fuller with a wider bass range, allowing the user to experience the sound as though it is being played right in front of them.”

Sony SRSZX1 Speaker Features:

  • Mobius Duct technology that minimises wind noise
  • Sigma-Type magnetic circuit to secure 1.5 higher magnetic flux density thereby reproducing powerful sound
  • Sturdy/Thick aluminium extrusion moulding to enable fast propagation of the sound, reproducing clear and euphonious sound
  • Turbo Shift technology to change low frequency bass range previously inaudible by human ears to a an audible range

Via: Sony