Sony Sountina Tube Speakers become reality


Dream can also be converted in to reality and exactly that happened this time when the Sony Sourtina Tube Speaker was unveiled. The idea was just in mind and Sony Japan did it. It was only last year that Sony had atypically announced its tubular non-directional prototype speaker and volia and now the Sony Sountina Tube Speaker become reality.

Quick Look:

  • A transparent organic glass tube which vibrates and expands sound to 360 degrees
  • A frequency response of 50Hz – 20,000Hz
  • A subwoofer speaker of 13cm and a medium speaker of 7cm
  • Measures 325×1845x325mm
  • Weight 12.5kg

To make your living room more lively just get these in 6,500 Euros (about $10,200) and make them stand to bring the real tempo to your lives.

Via: Sony