Sony sa-wm500 150 watt



The Sony SA-WM500 is an excellent choice for the home theater crowd. Its inexpensive price and solid performance pairs well with most home theaters and can be an affordable upgrade to most stock home theater kits. Audio enthusiasts will want to look elsewhere if they need a new or replacement subwoofer for their music system.

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Sony Makes a Great Home Theater Subwoofer

The inexpensive price and the solid overall quality makes this a good buy for those in the market for a new theater subwoofer.

First let’s get the prerequisite disclaimer out of the way: this is not a magic subwoofer, you cannot expect to get the same output from this sub that you would expect from a high-end Infinity model. That said, the SonySA-WM500 is a really good choice if you are in the market for a low priced home theater subwoofer.

The bass response on the system is relatively lively. There are no muddy tones when watching movies and the sound is distortion free at mid volume settings. I noticed that at higher volume settings, distortion artifacts begin to arise. This may be a problem for some people, but I didn’t mind as the mid volume level is plenty loud for movie watching. Sony claims a bass response range of 24Hz-170Hz. I thought this was a little questionable and loaded up my sound test CD. My sub (sometimes there are manufacturing discrepancies) bottomed out at around 35Hz and introduced distortion around 40Hz.

While this is a great home theater subwoofer, I would not recommend using this in a music system. The bass response is good enough for movies, but not as suited to music playback. When tested with a fairly bass heavy techno CD the subwoofer barely sounded like it could keep up and the tones were a little muddled. Naturally, what you hear depends on your music selection. If you are more of a country fan, the Sony SA-WM500 will do okay with keeping your music quick and clear— techno, classical and heavy rock lovers should steer clear though.

I would recommend this sub for an inexpensive home theater setup. For folks who have purchased home theater packages from large retailers this is likely a huge improvement over what they currently have and anyone looking to “roll their own” would be wise to check this option out. Enthusiasts and music fans will probably want to look for something else though as the weak low range and slow response time will only lead to buyer’s aggravation.
Technical Info:

Model: SA-M500

Item Package Quantity: 1

Speaker type: Subwoofer

Speakers nominal output power:150 Watts

Speakers maximum output power:150 Watts

Speakers response bandwidth: 24 – 170 Hz

Depth: 17.7 inches

Height: 21.7 inches

Width: 19.2 inches

Weight: 46.3 pounds

Speaker amplification type: Active

Speaker connectivity: Wired

Remote control description: None

Warranty: 1 year warranty

MSRP: $199

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