Sony S3HD Table Radio for Living room

Sony once again demonstrated its advancement in the future by its announcement of introducing its range of S3HD Table Radio. This radio enables FM stations to offer new channels as well as AM and FM stations to broadcast in crystal-clear digital sound. S3HD has an option of displaying the artist name and song title information and the user need not pay any monthly subscription fees for this facility. It comes in a simple yet classy design that would complement any living room. The AM/FM/HD table radio (model XDR-S3HD) features a large back-lit blue LCD display set in a mesh-covered front panel and cabinet with rich cherry wood finish. This table radio offers the listeners high quality stereo sound with its built-in AM/FM/HD digital tuner and separate bass and treble controls. In addition to all this it includes a wireless remote control and a build in clock with sleep timer and alarm. This radio would be available in the month of July at a price of $200. Via:Newscom