Sony RM-PZ1FD: Remote or Calculator?


Sony commenced the sale of its latest RM-PZ1FD infrared ray remote control from August. The latest model makes one think once it’s a calculator. When calculators are designed in compact and small sizes, why Sony changed the look of its remote? It seems weird to have a broad calculator type remote instead of a classy small-sized one. The company says it’s easy to spot the buttons due to its large size. It would be more suitable for those who have vision problem. To add a sizzler, the company added JIS drip-proof II type waterproofing. It is available in three color options the silver (S)/white (W)/the lead-lead (R). It equips the direct change button of terrestrial degree of /BS/110 CS digital and terrestrial analog. Nevertheless, as far as its price is concerned, it would cost somewhere around 2,468 Yen.

Via: Impress