Sony RHT-G900 Sound Rack


Sony expands its BRAVIA theatre “hidden speaker” range by unveiling RHT-G9000 sound rack. Turn your flat screen TV into a complete home theater system by adding one single unit engulfing processing and amplification instruments. Compatible with high-resolution Linear PCM 7.1 channel audio output, the RHT-G900 sound rack features 3-in-01 HDMI interface capable of handling 1080p, x.v.Colour and 24fps True Cinema.

The sound track offers clean simple and clutter free high quality TV stands with high-quality finish and glass top-plate. The high quality crystal clear audio is a result of twin subwoofers. All the 5 speakers operate at 70W and subwoofer operates at 120w.

S-Force PRO Front Surround ensures that the sound is spread evenly throughout the room. The wireless system gives the look and feel of a clean system. Though the price of the sound rack system is not disclosed yet you can bring it home from May onwards.

Via: Sony