Sony RDR-HXD1070 HDD/DVD recorders


Sony RDR-HXD1070 HDD/DVD recorders are picked up for their capacity to produce high-definition content. Sony Precision Cinema Progressive technology delivers brilliantly clear and real-life pictures without any blur or flicker.

RDR-HXD1070 models are equipped with an integrated DVB-T digital tuner to let the users watch and record free-to-air digital broadcast TV. With the advanced compression technology now you can store up to massive 1420 hours recording in 500GB memory space offered in RDR-HXD1070 HDD/DVD recorders. The recording mode HQ+ comes as a boon for film fans with large screen televisions. At HQ+ you can store data up to 73 hours (about 36 feature films).

“The new HDD/DVD recorders show what can be done when you think in terms of digital media rather than television alone,” says Hiro Shinohara, Director of Home Video Group, Sony Europe. “Its great strength is that it can do so much, which lets people discover how easy it is to get the most from their digital cameras and music as well as their televisions.”

Product Features:

  • 500 GB Hard Disc
  • HDMI 1080p
  • Music Slide Show / MP3 / LPCM jukebox
  • Advanced JPEG Viewer (incl. JPEG Copy from Still Camera via USB)
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • USB to connect printer (via pict bridge)
  • Sony Precision Cinema Progressive technology
  • BRAVIA Theatre Sync for One-touch control over your Home Theatre

Via: Sony