Sony presented BRAVIA THEATRE DAV-IS10 in Europe

During May Sony announced that it will bring forth its latest Micro Home Theater DAV-IS10 soon. Now, Sony Europe finally revealed that Sony DAV-IS10 is available from September. This 5.1 channel home-theatre-in-a-box system features tiny speakers the size of a golf ball that fit easily in your palm. Don’t go by the size. These speakers deliver robust room-filling sound. One would wonder for sure as to how these toy-like speakers deliver big sound. Advanced technology employed in DAV-IS10 makes it massively capable and powerful home entertainment system. The new system is a perfect complement to Sony’s BRAVIA line of TVs.

BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology lets the users take benefit of one touch operation with BRAVIA TVs. Sony DAV-IS10 features Digital Cinema Auto Calibration for fast, simple, automatic multi-channel surround sound setup. It is very easy to set-up and being compact offers economies of space. Speakers with gloss-black finish can be installed discreetly in any type of room setting. With Digital Media Port you can also connect the system to your Network WALKMAN®, mobile phone or home network to share your personal music collection with all your family and friends.

You will be able to enjoy one touch operation by using the DAV-IS10 with the latest Sony “BRAVIA” LCD TVs, and other Sony components such as DVD recorders. Using control signals passed through the HDMI connection between the system and Sony “BRAVIA” TVs and other components, “BRAVIA” Theatre Sync allows true ‘one-touch’ operation of a complete Sony system. With the popularity of HDTVs, Sony has also altered its upcoming line of audio/video devices to match up with HD requirements. DAV-IS10 is capable of upscaling standard-definition signals from a DVD and outputting them via the HDMI connection to your TV at unparalleled quality.

Via: Sony