Sony Pirates Own Movie, Will It Sue Itself?

When I read this one, I wondered how I could’ve gone almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS without noticing this positively lulzy bit of news.  And you know if I’m pulling out words like “lulzy”, it’s GOT to be hilarious.

Okay, so here’s the salient–Sony’s release, Armored, which was released in theaters back in December, had apparently been (accidentally, they claim) released to the Playstation Network for a few hours back around January sixth.  Now, no one really knows how many copies got out–they don’t track that sort of thing and probably wouldn’t admit it even if they did–but word is that piracy sites had copies of it about the same day.

Now here’s the interesting thing…some people are even suggesting that this isn’t such an accident.  Sony’s one of the biggest proponents of closing the “window” between video and theatrical release, and currently has one of the shortest windows at about four months.  So maybe it ISN’T an accident after all, but part of a push on Sony’s behalf to show the theaters who’s REALLY in charge of content distribution.  Not that the theaters took it lightly, though–when Sony tried to pull this stunt with Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, the theaters pulled it from screens early, thus cutting into the total profits.

It’s a fine line, folks, and each side has too much vested interest to quit easily, so keep watching the Playstation Network for more such “accidents”.