Sony NHS-70C 7.1 ch system

Sony has recently announced its newest NHS-70C 7.1 system. The attractive device is jam-packed with sophisticated features, as well as latest technologies to provide high-definition experience. The NHS-70C system supports Control4 and mechanization of lighting.

The new NHS-70C system also provides an excellent and high-definition home theater integrated with a Blu-ray Disc™ player. It can easily manage the warmth with assistance of temperature control feature. It also comes with high-definition cable box or a PlayStation gaming relieve.

The NHS-70 also supports a 400-disc DVD/CD charger along with a disc executive and a 160GB music server. Its Control4 HC-500 home can easily organize and lets users steam music throughout the home with ease. The Sony NHS-70C 7.1 system is expected to reach the stores later this year.

Via: Sony