Sony MSAC-EX1 – Memory Stick PRO-HG ExpressCard Adaptor

.Sony Europe’s Recording Media & Energy (RME) division recently announced their  first Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG product line-up including Memory Stick PRO-HG and  MSAC-EX1 ExpressCard Adaptor to be available to consumers in August 2007. Memory Stick Duo ExpressCard adaptor MSAC-EX1 maximizes speed performance of the Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo media. MSAC-EX1 is compatible with all notebooks featuring an ExpressCard slot and offers high-speed data transfer of 30MB/s (240Mbps) under certain measurement conditions. With the new device now one hour video taken by a Memory Stick HD Handycam in SP mode can be transferred easily to PC in approximately two minutes.

Via: Sony