Sony Micro Vault Click USB Drives


Sony came up with Micro Vault Click range of USB Drives boasting 16GB capacity. Offering not only increased storage capacity but also advanced performance, the Windows compatible USB disk drives deliver high data transfer rate. The plug and play device lets you share your data and keep important files ready when on the go.

Just uncover the USB 2.04 connector and you are ready to use it. Specifically designed for business professionals, the MicroVault Click Excellence offers 31MB/s read and 11MB/s write speeds. Its storage capacity ranges from 2GB to 8GB. . Stylish ivory design features an LED display which lightens up during data transfer.

Though the actual storage capacity is little less than what is specified, but you can store three times more data, thanks to Virtual Expander compression software, which is preinstalled by Sony. Available from May this year, the hard drive comes with a 5 year European warranty.

Via: Press