Sony MDR-XB300 Headphones


Live your passion lavishly, it somewhat seems to be an apparent motto of the high-end brands, which lets you enjoy your interests princely. So, if you greatly enjoy music, opt for the Sony MDR-XB300 Headphones. It actually surpasses your expectations with a spate of magnetic features like airtight urethane cushion, minimal sound leak coupled with the resistance amplitude characteristic and resistance atmospheric pressure quality of the aperture. The XB300 will cost you around 8,715 Yen.

Take a look at its specifications

  • Impedance-40?
  • Playback frequency zone-4-24,000Hz
  • Driver unit-Aperture40mm (CCAW voice coil adoption)
  • Largest Input-1,500mW *1
  • Sensitivity-104dB/mW