Sony MDR-NC500D Headphone

Sony has recently announced the launch of MDR-NC500D Headphone claiming up to 99% noise cancelling. These are the world’s first digital noise cancelling headphones by the company.Boasting superb hi-fi sound performance, the MDR-NC500D Headphones incorporate artificial intelligence. These are a boon for travellers. If you are mostly commuting via train and get distracted by the loud noise, the latest headphones are designed for you.

The MDR-NC500D comes equipped with a powerful processor that cancels the noise. There are thee modes of operation namely bus, train and aircraft. Users can change the modes at the press of AI Mode Button.

The lithium ion battery lets the users listen to a continuous playback of 15 hours. However, it can also work with AA cells. Sony MDR-NC500D headphones come with a protective travel case for storing MP3 Player or products that support the headphones.

Via: Sony