Sony LCD TV 46WE5: Up and Close

Sony Corp. is in the limelight once again. As far as, they have chosen to center on the Sony LCD TV 46WE5 for its environmental and technological features. The Sony LCD TV 46WE5 features an array of features that include ultra-thin size, LED technology, energy savings and environmentally-friendly features for most of its new products.

However, is focusing on the lower power consumption for the Sony LCD TV 46WE5. It features the latest LCD TV HCFL hot cathode backlight technology by adopting the Sony Micro-tubular HCFL hot cathode backlight lamp which reduces 30%-40% of energy use compared with ordinary products.

Advanced TV products and systems have been known to be energy hogs and today, people are looking for various alternatives such as energy conserving solutions. Apparently, the Sony LCD TV 46WE5 is one of them.

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