Sony KDL60EX500 Television Review-Absolutely Gorgeous

The interesting thing about reviewing televisions is that you so often get to see the television in its fullest glory.  Even as I type this, many of us still watch televisions with CRT designs, mostly because they still work and thus there’s been no reason to replace them.  But then along comes something like a Sony Bravia KDL60EX500 to just take my breath away.

The Sony KDL60EX500 is a sixty inch 1080p LCD television that offers the Bravia Engine 2 full digital video processor, advanced contrast enhancer, 24p True Cinema, a variety of picture modes, two ten watt speakers, four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs, one PC input, one RF input, a USB port, four audio inputs, one optical digital audio output, and one audio output.

It’s hard to imagine a set of circumstances under which the Sony KDL60EX500 would NOT be useful–just to start with, it will handle most of your newer components easily with four HDMI ports.  Your old components will have a place with two component inputs.  You can easily use it as a monitor.

What’s more, the picture and sound quality are both terrific–at least on the one I saw–and when you couple that with the incredible utility of the thing it’s hard to see how you wouldn’t be all right with dropping just under twenty three hundred bucks on this thing.

Sure, that’s pricey, but you do get what you pay for, and the Sony KDL60EX500 is definitely a great value.