Sony KDL52Z5100 Television Review-Breathtaking Even Up Close

I’m starting to wonder if the Bravia line of LCD televisions is improving somewhat.  After all, they’ve turned out a lot of mixed bags over the years and it’s rare to find one that’s really high quality.  I think I’ve done exactly that, though, with the Sony KDL52Z5100.

The Sony KDL52Z5100 is  a fifty two inch 1080p LCD television with parental lock controls, dual built in speakers with surround mode, voice zoom, Bravia Link, Bravia Sync, and a whole slew of ports, including two component video inputs, one composite video input, three HDMI inputs, one PC input, one S-Video input, and one USB input.

It’s a fantastic system, make no mistake–it puts out a great image at any range and the sound quality is clear and terrific overall.  Even the controls are smooth and simple to operate.  I’m hard pressed to even find something wrong with it to relate to you.  Naturally, a system this good is going to cost like crazy, and indeed it does at twenty five hundred bucks, though keep your eyes front–bargains are had every day these days.

But for a solid overall unit, the Sony KDL52Z5100 will certainly fit the bill.