Sony KDL52V5100 Television Review-A Bit Overpriced

I usually like the Sony line, and it seems that more and more the only real problem I ever have with them is that they just plain old don’t offer the kind of value I like in hardware.  The products themselves are generally top-notch, but Sony clearly subscribes to the “you get what you pay for” philosophy of life.

The Sony KDL52V5100 is a fifty two inch 1080p LCD television with dynamic contrast, four HDMI inputs, on HD component input, one combination inputs, and a PC input.

Now, admittedly, that’s quite a bit of television, and the quality certainly is there from what I saw.  The picture was excellent, the sound quality quite clear and the controls were without exception easy to handle.  But especially these days it’s hard to justify two thousand dollars for any television system, even a really good one like the Sony KDL52V5100.  Careful shopping will reveal bargains, but even the bargain prices are pretty salty.

But all things considered, the Sony KDL52V5100 really is a top notch television, even if it is at a top notch price.