Sony KDL46NX810 Television Review-Good Quality at a Nice Price

Today we’re carrying with the week in LED television with the Sony KDL46NX810, part of the Bravia line of Sony hardware. Bravia’s line of televisions has often been a quality line, but today we’ve got something a little special as it’s not only pretty good quality but it’s pretty good on the price, too.

The Sony KDL46NX810 is a forty six inch 1080p LED television that offers Internet connectivity for easy access to a host of online content options, 3D-ready HD (you’ll need all the extra components to get 3D out of this one) Motionflow Pro 240Hz technology to cut down on blurring in high-speed situations, LightSensor technology to automatically adjust levels of backlighting, one PC input, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, two composite inputs, one RF input, one Ethernet port, one USB port, and two ten watt speakers with Dolby Digital.

While I liked the video on this thing, the sound I couldn’t say so much for–it was all right, but something sounded terribly off. I couldn’t pin down just what, but something sounded wrong here. You may not have this problem, so definitely take a careful listen to this one but if you do have a problem here it’ll likely be in sound quality. The picture definitely looks nice, especially for a forty six inch picture.

The folks out at Best Buy want twenty three hundred bucks for one of these, which is actually not too bad given what you get, just be sure you actually hear this one playing first to make sure the audio will work out for you. Otherwise you might have some problems you’d rather not have.

Anyway, the Sony KDL46NX810 should prove a pretty solid addition to your home theater, especially if you manage to find one where the sound works out all right. It’s a pretty good model for what you get, so it’s definitely worth your time to consider it.